One of the things that I'am always afraid of in parking ramps is if they will fall down and crush either myself or my car.  And guess what.... it happened!  Well, not to me... but it could have.

RiverCenter ramp in St. Paul just had a big chunk of the ceiling fall onto a parked car.  Thank goodness no one was in the car at the time, but it fell.  Could be more things falling and we were just parked in there on Tuesday night as we went to a concert at the Xcel.  How scary is that????

credit: City of St. Paul
credit: City of St. Paul

Apparently this ramp was built in the 70s.  Time for an update people!  Ever since the 35W bridge collapsed, I think everyone is pretty aware of crazy scary things like this.  I know for the longest time I thought about it everytime I crossed over a bridge, or was stuck on one.  Thinking... is the weight too much??  Yikes!  I know they went around and checked all of them... or at least most of them with a similar design. Even the ones here in St. Cloud were checked and redone.  Inconvenient as it was, I'm glad they did that.

Hopefully they will make sure this ramp is safe again, and rebuild where needed. But now where are we supposed to park down by the Xcel?

Uber, I guess. Avoid that parking altogether.

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