It's been several months now, living in an altered reality during the coronavirus pandemic. We've all had to adjust to things we never imagined and are realizing all the simple everyday things we easily took for granted before the pandemic chaos.

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On TV, I'll see people hug or shake hands and the first thing that pops into my head is "Hey, you shouldn't do that!"  All the everyday things that used to be just normal things to do will probably seem the same.

I wonder if things like packing into a venue shoulder to shoulder to see a concert or hanging out in a packed bar on a Saturday night. Meeting up in restaurants with friends and relatives and not worrying about social distancing.

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Even watching the news and not hearing anything about new cases that day and how many died, so far.

Will we still carry hand sanitizer everywhere we go?  Will handshakes make a comeback or are they gone for good? Actually, I never was a big fan of handshakes myself. Will we still wash our hands 50 times a day and wear masks when in a public place?

As far as the staying home part, I've been practicing that for decades. The stay at home thing barely affected my lifestyle.  You know, there's no place like home, right.

I guess, we'll have to wait and see what the post pandemic normal will be.


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