So, I'm reading all the news for today and I come across an article that talks about which Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavors are the most popular.  Along with talking about that, let's point out the fact that although delicious, B&J also has a crap load of calories.  My favorite is the cookie dough one.  And guess what- there are like 350 calories in a serving, which is about 1/4 cup.  Really?  That's like a scoop and a half.  If that.  Let's get real.  B&J is meant to be eaten right out of the container.

But anyway, I found this stuff.  And it's only 310 calories for the ENTIRE PINT!  Now, I could probably eat half of that, but hey, that's awesome.  Ice cream could actually be my friend.  Happy Day!  Let's celebrate!

Laura Bradshaw-
Laura Bradshaw-

I wonder how it tastes.

But onto that Ben and Jerry's list.... what do you think?  Do you think it's accurate?  Would you change some of those flavor positions?  To be honest, my least favorite is the core ones.  It's just too much.

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