This could have been so much worse.  And with that said, I'm trying to look at the positives in this situation.  I'll get to that in a minute...

I'm driving along E St. Germain singing along with the radio, which is a bit disturbing in itself, when everything just shuts down.  Radio goes first, then the vents, then everything just slowly coasts to a gradual stop.

I've seen this movie before.  Alternator.  Grrrrrr.  That's not gonna be cheap, is my first thought.  Second thought is now what do I do?  Obviously need a tow- but to where?  I haven't lived here in 9 years and I forget where I need to go for this stuff.

Laura Bradshaw

Called a co-worker, oh, and big shout out to cell phones for that one! So much better than it used to be when you would have to go find a pay phone, or ask so kind soul to let you use their land line.  And then hope they aren't an axe murderer.  But my co-worker directed me where to go.

Laura Bradshaw

Called the tow truck, they were there in no time!  Brought me to Quick Lane Auto.  They thought they needed to diagnose the problem. I told them I thought it was the alternator, and sure enough that was exactly what it was.  Was hoping for just a bad battery, nope.  Unfortunately I was right.  Bummer.  BUT- fixed it up and I was off and running again within 2 and a half hours.  A bit costly, but it is what it is.

Laura Bradshaw

Now- on to the positivity... cell phone.  Awesome.  Exactly what a cell phone is supposed to be used for- emergencies.  All Care Towing.  There in like 10 minutes from my call.  Quick Lane Auto- car fixed and out the door within a couple of hours.  Yay!  No rental needed.  Nice day, no blizzard or anything else inclement.  Car died on a non busy road.  There was actually parking, and room to park.  Could have been on a busy road with no shoulder.

So, all in all, things could have been much worse.  But we can't deny... car issues suck.