I hear from people all the time that commute to the cities for work, or drive here from Brainerd area or just drive a lot of work that staying away is sometimes a challenge.  So, yesterday Megyn Kelly had Mrs C (Marian Ross) on her show along with some of the other cast members from Happy Days.  A show we probably all watched at some time or another.  Of course the question- what are you doing now comes up.  Anson Williams, who played Potsie has a new invention.  Alert Drops.

Williams told a story about how he almost died, then a doctor told him about the benefits of lemon.  Basically it gives you instant alertness.  So he decided to make it into something marketable.  Not sure how successful this is... seems like you could just get some lemons and do it that way, or something like 5 hour energy.  Doesn't that basically do the same thing?

At any rate- we wish him well with his endeavor.


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