It's that time of year when your kids ask you what you want for Christmas this year. It seems the older you get the less you want in the way of gifts.


If you could choose on thing, anything, what would you choose to be your one gift. And when I say anything, I mean ANYTHING.

Of course there are personal items we could maybe use. Car or a boat.  Maybe a new house or lake cabin. Jewelry, money, you name it.

I was thinking bigger, much bigger. Say something more like world peace.  Wouldn't that be nice. Or the end of all disease. No more cancer, dementia, ALS, or all those horrible diseases that plague the planet

World peace?  Who wouldn't wish for that?  What a great world that would be.

So, one wish. What would it be? The end of all disease, world peace, all your bills paid off, etc.  What would you choose?


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