Most people are content with spending Thanksgiving with their own family. Then there are those that dread the prospect of spending the holiday with their family. I actually feel kind of sorry for the latter. If you could spend Thanksgiving with any TV family, who would it be?


I bet Aunt Bee could put together a great feast on Thanksgiving. Or maybe maybe it would be pretty darn exciting with the Castanza family from Seinfeld.

I have to believe the Munster's Thanksgiving would also be one to remember, or try really hard to forget. The Adams Family? Not sure Mortisha's main talents are in the kitchen.

The Heck family from "The Middle" would be interesting and humor would be abundant. How about the Soprano family. I think I'd enjoy a little mob talk over turkey.

I think, hands down, I would have to pick the Bluth family from "Arrested Development". Or, maybe the Osbournes . Ozzy would spice things up.

The weirder, the better, I always say.

Who would you pick?

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