Yesterday, my son Drew sent me a message on my phone. I opened it up and saw this video from Steve! You know! Steve from Blue's Clue's the children's educational television series that debuted in September of 1996. That show entertained all three of my children for years. We had Blue's Clue's red signature chairs, we had Blue's Clue's birthday parties, and Blue's Clue's shoes. We loved that show. One day, out of the blue, Steve Burns, the host of the show, announced that he was going to be going to college, and that his brother Joe would be taking his place. I can't tell you how heartbroken I was, as well as my kids. I felt like he was MY friend too. We continued to watch the show, until the kids grew out of it.

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So when I received this message yesterday on my phone, it hit my heart like a ton of bricks at first. Steve? Is that You? It was like an old friend showing up at my doorstep. Not only that, he had some important things to say that really touched my heart. Watch for yourself.


For anyone else out there that grew up with Steve and Blue, I'm just wondering if you were as touched as I was? The message was an important one. Even for me. He made me feel better. A LOT has happened with my family since the days of learning how to tie shoes, and count. The boys have changed, I have changed, and we've all learned so much about life. Steve, thank you for coming back for a short visit. I'm sending you back a  big hug.  Remember Blue? Green Puppy? Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper? Tickety-Tock? Slippery Soap?  Oh my...the memories. Now I need to watch the series all over again.


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