We all have been sitting here for three months needing a haircut.  That is, unless you are a lucky person who happens to live with a hairstylist, you are probably looking fairly shaggy.

Allen Donikowski/Getty Images
Allen Donikowski/Getty Images

So, Governor Walz gives the go-ahead for salons  to open this week.  But, there are limitations.  Like you can only be at 25% capacity.  So, that limits how many stylists and customers you can have in the salon at one time.  What do you do?  Well, generally you wait in your car for your appointment.  IF that is, you were lucky enough to get one.

As soon as Walz gave the OK, I got on my phone and immediately made an appointment.  Even then, I had to wait until the end of the week.  The person I go to was that booked...already.

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What if you normally go somewhere like Great Clips?  They don't usually take appointments.  They usually just do walk in. So, what do you do?  As was the case yesterday, when only two locations in the St Cloud area were open.  The one off of 33rd Ave in St. Cloud and also the location off of Pine Cone Road in Sartell.  They booked up with in 10 minutes when they opened at 10am.  How could that happen?  Well, people showed up, and were given a time to come back.  They can only have so many stylists and customers in at one time, so slots are limited.  Luckily, there are more locations opening within days.

I witnessed basically the same thing happening at Sport Cuts in St. Cloud near Best Buy.  The door is locked, so you need to call them, see if they have an opening, and then proceed as instructed.

I actually got a pedicure yesterday. That is an adventure as well.  You make an appointment.  The door is locked when you get there, because one out, one in.  They take your temperature, you use some hand sanitizer and sign a waiver stating that you feel healthy.  And make sure you are wearing a mask!  Same will be the situation at a hair salon as well.

Hopefully you will get your haircut soon... but if you are really serious about it, make sure you are making plans for the DAY to have open times to go.  And as they say, that's just the way it is right now.

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