Over the weekend I was watching a documentary.  And it was dealing with a special place in Austin, Texas.  It's called Recovery Unplugged.


It's a drug rehab facility that incorporates music.  They were saying that a lot of the patients that come to rehab hate their counselors, they hate group, they hate the place, pretty much hate everything.  But when music comes in, they always find something that they like.  Everyone does.  Music speaks to people, no matter what is going on in your life, you can find some sort of music that will speak to you, or allow you to speak through it.

Larry Busacca, Getty Images

A few years ago, Steven Tyler visited the facility.  And he talked about his own recovery and his journey and using music to help and heal.  I think just about everyone knows about his battle with substance abuse and what that was like.  He more recently fell off a stage during a performance and after that was dealing with some substance issues again.  He did come out of that one as well, and talks about that time and what he had to do to move on and out of that.

Check out this facility.  They do have some other locations other than Austin.  But if you know someone that would benefit from this... let them know about it.  If I needed rehab for something... this is the place I would want to go.