Did you also miss out on the recent super show of northern lights (aUrOrA bOrEaLiS) because you were too busy sleeping...like me? Look, I suffer from FOMOOS: Fear Of Missing Out On Sleep. I'm a compulsive sleeper.

Science-y weather nerds are assuring us that not only will the northern lights return, they probably haven't even peaked, yet. TRIGGER WARNING: some nerd talk with entendres are forthcoming.

You'll Likely Have More Opportunities to See Spectacular Northern Lights...and Soon

The dorks at the Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) have good news for us lazy bones: the sun's money shot of geometric stormage that shot loads of coronal mass at us a few weeks ago isn't the last that'll get into our eyes for a while.

The sun's solar cycle that causes it to switch north and south magnetic poles hasn't even maxed out yet. Rounds one and two apparently weren't even the grand finale.

One of the top dweebs at the SWPC says that a "much more active" solar cycle should lead to spectacular northern lights displays well into 2025 and 2026. Noice!

Maybe I'll sacrifice a few hours of sleep to take in one of theOH WHO AM I KIDDING no I won't.

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H/T: Kare 11


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