If you have an older model iPhone, and notice that the phone isn't as fast as it used to be, there's a reason for it! Apple has been deliberately slowing it down for a reason.

A little over a year ago I decided to go the Android route, and drop my iPhone once and for all. There wasn't a huge reason why, other than it seemed like my iPhone 4S was getting slow and it was time to upgrade to a new phone.

The latest news about Apple and their iPhones doesn't make me happy, and seems very shady on Apple's part.

Apple recently confirmed that it's true -- their iPhones with older batteries are purposely slowed down for what they say is to save on the battery life and to keep your phone from powering off so quickly.

We all know that it's annoying when our phones are doggy, especially when they used to be lightning fast. It triggers us to think about getting a new phone, which is exactly what Apple is hoping for.

They've done nothing illegal, but it is very shady in my opinion to do this without letting us consumers know that they're intentionally trying to make us feel like it's time for a new phone.

What can we do about it? Nothing ourselves. What we CAN do is take our phone to a phone repair center and have them replace the battery in our iPhone. Then the phone won't be throttled to a slower speed any longer and we'll be good to go for a couple more years.

Regardless, I'm very happy with my Android phone and glad I switched!

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