This building has basically looked the same for.... well, as long as I can remember.  Back when 98.1 was still called Stereo 98!

laura Bradshaw
Laura Bradshaw


I think I was in elementary school.  My parents listened to it, so it was the first thing that I remember about listening to a radio station when I was a kid.  Well, that and John Uran... he hates that when I say I grew up listening to him, but it's true.

Now, coming back after a 9 year hiatus and tour of the upper Midwest's radio stations, things are a-changing!!

There have been so many improvements around here.  It's crazy and it really is starting to look nice.  I'm impressed.  Updated colors, lighting, carpet, and now... the conference room. They are taking down walls, ceiling stuff, all kinds of construction-y stuff.  How's that for a technical term?

I can't wait to see what it turns out like.  How fun.  I love new construction.  Especially when I don't have to clean or do it.

Well, let's me honest, doing it is kinda fun, especially the demo part.  It's the clean up that isn't so fun.

More to come!

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