If you're of that generation who grew up without a phone or computer attached to your fingertips, it won't be that hard to take part in the Reconnect Project's wacky idea of severing all ties with your internet I.V. this coming Sunday. What may be hard? Accomplishing the other half of the Project's challenge; Create something that day. I'm not really sure I know how to do that without technology these days, do you?

On Sunday, September 2nd, you can join techies, artists, office workers and nerds across our floating Blue Marble in a worldwide dismissal of all things interwebic©. The Project wants you to swear off reblogs, retweets, linking and copypasta. On top of that, The Reconnect Project wants you to create something original on that day, and then (get this bit of irony), SHARE on the web the next day!

The Project's FB page lays it out for you;

"Prove to yourself and each other that despite immense technologies, a massive saturation of information and a distressing lack of originality, you can still create something wonderfully original and then share it with the universe."

The video promoting this idea, from Vimeo user © By Jono has been loaded over 13,000 times on Mashable.

I was in full dismissal mode of this idea, until I realized it was happening on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend and for those of us that live in Minnesota, there are plenty of things to keep us off the interwebs for a mere 24 hours.

But, if it seems insurmountable, you're not alone. In a recent Mobile Mindset study from Lookout Mobile Security, 58% of us can't even go an hour without checking our phone. Remember that time when the phone would ring, and you just couldn't answer it, BECAUSE IT WAS ATTACHED TO THE WALL AT HOME WHILE YOU WORKED?

Even worse, we're looking at the phone in the most unholy of places; on the throne, the porcelain perch, the crapper. A staggering 51% of 18-34 year-olds are peeking at your Tweet while they poo and pee. [INFOGRAPHIC HERE] No wonder 1 in 6 smartphones have traces of fecal E. coli.

So this coming Sunday, get out and actually do something, instead of tapping, touching, swiping and posting. Unplug and create something original. Good luck. Oh and wash your hands once you're done reading this, will you please?