Almost everybody loves the GEICO commercials. They're very creative, original and quirky. And normally I would not write about a some company's commercial. I make an exception in this case.

A new GEICO commercial came out that, as you can see below, features a guy named Matt P. from Big Lake, MN. In the commercial Matt P. talks about how saving money switching to GEICO made him feel like going to his favorite restaurant for "Taco Night" and they're the best tasting taco's in the world. You even see him shedding a tear because he just loves those tacos so much.

Now is Matt P a real GEICO customer from Big Lake? I'm not sure. But I want to believe that he is. I want to believe that maybe Matt P's favorite restaurant for taco's is maybe El Loro in Big Lake or Rancho Grande in Monticello. Maybe he drives to St. Cloud and goes to Bravo Burritos, Giliberto's, Anejos or Taqueria La Campechana.

I want to believe that maybe I'll run into Matt P. in one of those places someday and I'll see him stuffing his face with the world's best tacos and think to myself I know that guy... and I really understand his love for those tacos.

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