I have, in my lifetime, never seen this country as divided as it is now. It's been a tough year all around for Americans.

USA flag.
Natallia Hudyma

As if the pandemic wasn't enough to put a big damper on things, then along come to police brutality protests to top things off.

As things start to reopen, it's doubtful we'll see many of the patriotic celebrations during the 4th of July weekend. Fireworks displays, I guess, could still happen if we can maintain social distancing.  Parades would probably still be a big no.

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There are still ways to show out patriotism, though.  Simple things like thanking our service members for their service, being politically active, Buying American, studying up on history and volunteering to help your neighbors and fellow citizens.

WalletHub's criteria for the Most Patriotic states was based on things like the number of veterans, military enlistees, percentage of eligible voters that voted in 2016 and volunteers per capita.

Coming in at #1 for patriotic states is New Hampshire, Wyoming came in at # 2, Idaho,at # 3, Alaska at # 4, Maryland at # 5, Utah at # 6, North Dakota at # 7, Wisconsin came in # 8 and ,drum roll....Minnesota grabs the #9 spot for most patriotic states. South Carolina takes the #10 spot.  New Jersey hit the bottom of the list at #50.

Here's to 2021 and maybe a return to a somewhat normal existence.  Whether it will ever be the same as it was remains to be seen.





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