If you have a Costco membership, you have more than likely eaten something at some point from th Costco Food Court.  One of the most popular items is the all beef hot dog with the refillable soda for just a buck fifty.  That's a wheel of a deal.  Plus, they have great pizza.  You can purchase that by the slice or purchase an entire pizza to eat there or take home with you.

I can't imagine that either one of those things will be going away at any time soon.  BUT there is one change rumored to be coming... the popular churro, which is a pile of cinnamony goodness, is rumored to be replaced with a chocolate chip cookie.  And maybe some ice cream.  Will it be the same price?  Currently the churro is $1.49.  Very affordable.

This was first announced on Reddit...


Costco Churro obsolete 2024
byu/masterbuilder14 inCostco

As far as this going away, and the replacement coming, it would be early this year.  But so far, when I did stop into Costco here in St. Cloud, it was still there and available. But I guess that could change at any minute.

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Am I opposed to having the switch?  Honestly, no.  I don't really care that much, as I don't usually buy the sweet stuff at food courts.  But do I like ice cream more than a churro?  Yes.  But they already offer a sort of sundae thingy.  Isn't that good enough?  Why mess with a good thing? There have also been reports that when Costco changed the churro from the straight one to the twisty one, that the taste suffered.  Before the twisty churro, people stated that they loved the crispy outside and the soft inside and it was delicious.  That has apparently changed.  So, maybe a change is good. Stay tuned.. . and if you really like the Costco churros, get there now and get your fill.

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