This winter has been particularly snowy.  We already have as much snow, actually even more than we normally get during a whole winter.  And we still have at least 2 more months of it.

We have all seen those cars that have become snow mounds.  Cars that haven't been moved since the last snowfall.  There is a mound of snow on top of the vehicle and snow has been plowed around it making it inconvenient for other drivers and people who may park in that same area.

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This brings up the question... is the city of St. Cloud enforcing the winter parking restrictions?

I looked at the St. Cloud city website to see what the actual restriction is.  I think most of us, if not all of us know that you cannot park on the city streets overnight between November 1 and April 1. The general rule is an odd/even parking restriction.  There are also areas where parking is just banned altogether.

How it works: o Between 1-7 a.m. on ODD numbered days (1st, 3rd, 5th, etc.)

Park on the EVEN side of the street. o Between 1-7 a.m. on EVEN numbered days (2nd, 4th, 6th, etc.)

Park on the ODD side of the street.


Seasonal ban restrictions as stated on the website:

The area north & west of the Sauk River o The area west of the Mississippi River & south of 22nd Street South 

The area west of Hwy 15 o The area north and east of Hwy 10 

The area east of the Mississippi River and south of Hwy 301 and Minnesota Blvd

And around St. Cloud State University, you have to pay attention to the posted signs which generally state that you cannot park on the street between the hours of 1 and 7am on certain days.

Point is, if you see a car that is a total snow mound and obviously hasn't been moved in several days, possibly even weeks, are they getting a ticket?  And at what point will they be towed?  According to the website, this should have already happened.

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