If you are looking for home ownership, and you are tired of renting, or living in an apartment, this home might be for you.

Property Shark
Property Shark
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The only catch is that you will have to move to a town near Marshall, Minnesota.  The home is only $72,500 and it's located in Tracy, Minnesota.  The next question is this - is there anything to do in Tracy? Or around Tracy?  Like can a person get a job there?  That may be difficult - you may have to drive a bit to find a job.  But if you don't mind a bit of a commute, you are in luck.

Sometimes the biggest thing that matters is that you want to own your own home.  It's a starter home, and you can move on from there.

The listing is through Property Shark and they specialize in inexpensive homes to help people out.  This home has 2 bedrooms and one bathroom, or and there is even a detached garage.  So, that's a plus.  But there is a catch there too.  You will share the garage with the neighbor.  There is a wall that separates the two stalls.  So at least you will have your own garage space.

Property Shark
Property Shark

But still - you would be a homeowner. And i you are used to always renting or just tired of apartment or multifamily living.  This would be a great option.  Oh, and then that move thing... but still.  A great option.

You can check out the complete listing here.

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