Ok, we all know it's been hot and we need some rain.  But, people have been watering their lawns, mostly. But there are some seriously dry areas of grass out there.  Just drive around the St. Cloud area, and you are going to see some pretty dry, brown looking lawns.  But, with that said, you will still have areas of your lawn that will grow, and will seem to need to be mowed.  Also, if you notice, like I do, that the weeds tend to grow just fine in these dry and hot conditions.

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My neighbor will water his lawn on a regular basis, and will mow once a week.  His lawn looks pretty good, especially considering how most people's lawns look right now.  My lawn is one of those patchy ones.  We do water occasionally, but its still not like getting a solid day of a soaking rain which we need pretty desperately.  I'm just wondering if it's ok to mow the areas that need it, and what about the weeds?  Can we mow over the dry areas to at least cut the weeds down?  It just makes it look even worse with the weeks a foot high and the grass all brown and dead looking.

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I did some research and the answer is yes and no. So, not really a clear answer.  It depends.  I looked at thespruce.com and even if you have been watering regularly, your lawn is probably pretty stressed.  And mowing over dry grass is VERY stressful.  Also, make sure your blade on your lawnmower is sharpened.  It should be sharpened twice a season.  Otherwise, the blade could tear the grass instead of a clean cut, and that also stresses out the lawn.  Also, even though your lawn looks dead, and like it will never come back to it's green luster, it will.  When it's this dry, it will go dormant like in the Winter and stop growing.  But when it gets a really good drink of water, or several, it will come back. This is good news!  Also, make sure to raise the blade up further than you would normally. Don't mow even the green looking grass too short.  That can burn and dry out your lawn as well.

If you have an inground irrigation system, make sure it's working properly. I saw one today that had a sprinkler head only watering the road.  Obviously needs to be turned.  Doesn't do any good when it isn't facing the correct way.

Hopefully we get some rain soon and end this drought.  Upside is planning outdoor activities, downside is everything else.

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