It turns out if you are a young person applying to a certain college in southern Minnesota, you might not want to hold your breath.

However, not all schools are as discerning as the one will will discuss at the bottom of the page.

According to data from US News and World Report, 95% of those who apply to (the Harvard of the West) SCSU are accepted. That makes sense when you consider the size of the campus and the number of available resources to handle a large (15,000+) student population.

With that being said, 95% is a much bigger number than other schools in the Minnesota State College and Universities system.

According to Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal,  the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities) had a 75% acceptance rate in 2023 with an approximate enrollment of 51,000.

At the University of Minnesota-Duluth the acceptance rate is currently 81% with just over 11,000 students and Minnesota State University-Mankato 71% with nearly 15,000 students.

The Minneapolis Business-Journal reports Carleton College in Northfield is the state's toughest with a microscopic 17% acceptance rate, nearly double second-place Macalester College.

For comparison's sake, Carleton's local MIAC foe St. John's University has an acceptance rate of 86.2% with just over 1,500 students.

US News and World Report ranked Carleton College ninth out of 211 National Liberal Arts Colleges in 2023. Carleton College has been ranked inside the top ten of the annual report since 1997.

The school was founded in 1886 and currently hosts 2,007 students on campus. On the NBC television show Parks and Recreation, character Ben Wyatt graduated from Carleton with a degree in Political Science.

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