Rolling Stone Magazine put together a list of songs that have to do with national weed day, otherwise known to the people who partake in this "holiday" as happy 4-20.  These songs are spanning time... not a best to worst list.  I'm telling you that before you start with the "Miley Cyrus... what??"  It's just in chronological order.

This is the list.  My favorite is Afroman "Because I Got High".  It's hilarious.  And also includes Jay and Silent Bob.

Honestly, even if you do not partake... 'cuz you know, it's illegal here... you have to find the humor in this video.  And somehow I envision places like Colorado and Washington, as well as anywhere else that has legalized marijuana as a place with a cloud of smoke.  For instance, if you were in an airplane flying over these places it would look like either a big cloud of smog, or a storm.  All in one place.

But anyway- Happy 4-20, national weed day.  Cheers.. or pppphhhhfffffffttttttt

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