It's that magical time of the year again.  Laura and I will be traveling up to Walker for the biggest party of the Summer, also known as Moondance Jam.

I can't even count all the great bands I've seen at Moondance over the years. I remember going to the very first Jam and the stage was a flatbed truck. It's come a long way since then.

Probably, the most memorable time was when a storm ripped threw late on a Saturday and wrecked part of the stage. There were three bands scheduled to play that night. Two of the bands showed up, picked up their check and left. Because of the stage damage, they couldn't play.


Well, then the headliner, Sammy Hagar shows up determined to put on a show. "We'll play in the bar". And that's exactly what he did and it was one of the most memorable shows I've seen.

This weekend should be great, too. Skynyrd will be closing out the Jam Saturday night and Laura and I will be broadcasting the morning show Thursday and Friday from The Northern Lights Casino, just down the road from Moondance.

If you see us up there be sure to say hello.

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