This has been a never-ending winter.  Almost everyone I have spoken to is tired of this weather.  Even the people who LOVE winter, snow, frozen situations and the activities that go along with that type of weather.  OVER IT!!

But looky looky here.  The forecast for next week is showing a HUGE change in St. Cloud, and in Minnesota.

Depending on where you are, you could see a high temperature of 70 by Tuesday.  The official forecast for St. Cloud says that on Tuesday we will have a high of 66. That's close enough to 70.  And, as we all know the prediction could be off, it could be 70 in St. Cloud that day. Fingers crossed!

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The problem with this rise in temperature is the flooding potential.  That is not a slow melt.  Although, it will be great to get rid of the snow, it could be problematic for some areas and towns in Minnesota.  Stillwater is bracing for some major flooding and already have thousands of sandbags ready to go.  They have also restricted parking at businesses around and near the river.  The prediction is that the St. Croix river will crest by the middle of the month.

Here in the St. Cloud area, the Mississippi will rise, but flooding isn't as much of an issue as not many houses and businesses are that close to the river level.  The Sauk River is prone to flooding, and there are some houses and businesses closer to that river, and that could prompt a flooding issue for those areas.

Regardless, I am excited for the change in temperature, especially moving in an upward direction.  It's about time!

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