Father's Day.  I get that it's not nearly as big of a deal as Mother's Day.  At least traditionally it hasn't been.  Why is that, by the way?  Maybe it's because let's face it... Mom's do more of the work, starting with labor.



But anyway, generally you would do something with Dad.  Maybe take him out for some sort of meal somewhere, or just spend the day with him doing something fun with an activity "somewhere".  But we are still in a pandemic, and not everyone is ready to "join society" on a regular basis as of yet.

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So, what's to do?  I found some fun activities that might just work if you'd like to get creative with Dad, and make sure he still has a very special day...after all, isn't just spending time with him in some way the most important thing?

Get your family together and have an outdoor family picnic.  If you have to social distance, you can easily do this.

How about a family game night?  Throughout this time of quarantine and social distancing, board games have gained some popularity again.  It's fun!

Go out in the woods and hike around.  That can be fun, you find new things by exploring and you can get some much needed exercise too.

If you have a dad that enjoys a glass or two of wine... maybe plan a wine-tasting.

Don't feel comfortable shopping yet?  At least in-person shopping?  Check out shopping online and do that together.  Pick out some things and order away!

Maybe your dad is kind of a foodie.  I find that breakfast is a great meal to make together.  You can get a few people involved with that meal.  Or grilling/smoking something can be fun too.  Learn to be a grill-master.

If you aren't into the board game thing, how about playing some backyard games?  I was walking around my neighborhood the other day and I saw a family out playing croquet.  I remember doing that as a kid with the fam and it was fun and competitive...at least with my family it was; especially when my brother could send my  ball out into never-never land because I hit his ball with mine.  I guess that's part of the game???

If you have a dad that likes to put things together or build stuff, maybe do a project or task together.  Something simple though unless you have a lot of time and don't lose focus.

Whatever you plan to do this weekend, just remember Dad... it's Father's Day this Sunday!

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