I get that this weekend there is going to be yet another snow storm in freaking APRIL!!!!  And not even just April, but MID April.  I think we are going to skip Spring and eventually just move right into Summer.  I am so sick of the snow.  And it should be like mid 50s like daily.  It's even worse when you think about what it was last year at this time.  We had already hit 70.. like a couple of times.  Whatever.

Wedding Cake and Knives - Thinkstock Photos
Thinkstock Photos

BUT- wedding season is basically upon us, crap weather or not.  And I was thinking about silly traditions that people do that maybe should be put away on the shelf... retired so to speak.  I haven't been to a wedding in this area for awhile, mostly because we didn't live here for 10 years, but do people still do that strange wash tub deal? Something where if a younger sibling gets married before an older sibling does the older ones have to dance in a wash tub?  What is/was the point of that?  Like what was the significance?  Had to come from somewhere.

How about the smashing of cake into the face of your now husband/wife?  That needed to go away before it started.  But I did see a list stating that the "giving away of the bride" should be over now.  I actually kind of like that tradition.  I think it's sweet.

Chicken dance... how about that one?  I think it depends on the crowd and the time of night.

What do you think should stay?  What should never be done again at a wedding?

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