It's the weekly comedy check in with Johnny U.  It's Friday, so he stops in and attempts to make us laugh. He never (rarely) does  which is why it's Lame Joke Friday.

Johnny U 5-24-19

This week he had three jokes.  You better pay attention to the first one because if you  blink you might miss it.

There you have it!  And I'll be honest, I'm kind of missing the golf jokes.  I don't golf (I've been thinking about taking that up, however) but this time of year I've gotten to the point where I expect those to be the topic of his "humor".

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Anyway, if you feel like it and you have some time, tune in next Friday. We will have another round of Lame Joke Friday right around 7:35 after Dave Overlund's sports.

Have a great Memorial Weekend!!  Cheers!

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