Oreos.  They are like the perfect cookie.  LOVE them.  Gotta break apart the cookie and eat each cookie separately and also the yummy inside.  I don't care that people say it's mostly lard... and it might be.  Don't care!  It's good.

But a few months ago they came out with the mystery flavor.  Tasted like fruity pebbles.  Yuck!  Fruity chocolate cookies.  Not appetizing.  They have also had every other flavor under the sun including pop rocks for the 4th of July celebration.  Not!  No likey.

Here we go with this stuff now.  I know this worked for Frito Lays- try all these crazy flavors and vote.  The one with the most votes will be the new flavor.  I guess.  So, I gotta try.  I know I've said to stop messing with Oreos, and I still stand by that, but since we can taste test.  Why not?

Adam comes in each week with the new weekend movies.  So, why not put him to the test.  So we did... Baxter tried them too.  I tried them earlier this morning.  Here is how it went.

Consensus:  The Cherry Coke ones- throw those out!  The Pina Colada ones-Meh and the Kettle Corn ones- those might have some potential.

But seriously... stick with the original Oreo.  They are the best.

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