When I hear that I just hear National Dog Day.  Mostly because that is the kind of pet that I have, but of course it does mean any sort of pet.  From fish to snake to... tarantulas.  Yuck on those last two.  Eww.

But get this- the most popular pets are of course dogs and cats.  But tarantulas came in 10th.  I would think that almost anything else would come before that, but a snake was more popular???  GROSS!!!  Snakes even were more popular than a lizard including geckos, which I think are kind of cute as far as lizards go, and guinea pigs.  WHAT?  Some people would actually rather have a snake or a spider than a guinea pig??  Really??


I understand that everyone has a pet for one reason or another, but I want a pet that seems like a companion.  It can sit next to you without thinking about you as food, it can snuggle up to you, take it for a walk, things like that.  Why have a pet that needs to stay in a cage, pen, glass container, etc.  Or one that you should feed other live animals to???  Or even the frozen ones.  So gross.  I was mortified the day I found out that some pet stores keep frozen mice for snake food.  Yuck, yuck and yuck.  *I may or may not have just thrown up a bit in my mouth*.

Anyhoo, to each their own and whatever pet you have, happy National Pet Day!

Laura Bradshaw