I've worked in radio a long time and have seen my share of "One Hit Wonders"  come and go just as quickly as they came. I can probably count the really good ones on one hand.

Probably, one of my favorites was a song that played on the radio when I was in high school. I still kind of get a little flashback when aI hear it. I featured it in Baxter's Attic this morning, in honor of One Hit Wonder Day. It's "Dp You Know What I Mean" by Lee Michaels.

Here are the top 10 one hit wonders, according to Huff Post. I've got to admit, there is not one on here I would even consider purchasing.

#10  Right Said Fred "I'm Too Sexy"   (Should have come out later with "Too Sexy for My Pants)

#9  Sir Mix-A-Lot  "Baby Got Back"   (was he a bartender?)


#8  Len  "Steal My Sunshine"   (never heard of it)

#7  Dexy's Midnite Runners  "Come On Eileen"  (no comment)

#6   Vanilla Ice  "Ice Ice Baby"   (an exibition of mediocrity)

#5 Bobby McFerrin  "Don't Worry Be Happy"  (easier said than done)

#4  The Proclaimers  "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)"  (not horrible, but close)

#3  Los del Rio  "Macarena"  (gag)

#2  Soft Cell  "Tainted Love" (Plays on hold at the free clinic)

What's your favorite One Hit Wonder?

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