Today is the birthday of someone that I think must have had some scary nightmares, or what troubled in some sort of way.  I'm talking about Stephen King.  His books freak me out... The Shining is still one of the scariest movies I have ever seen.  I know everyone talks about how scary the Exorcist is.. and yeah, it's scary.  BUT I don't find it as scary as the Shining.  I'm wondering if maybe it's because I think of the Exorcist as more of a mind screw as compared to the Shining which is someone going completely crazy.  Like the hotel possessed him.

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I saw an interview once where the interviewer asked Steven King where he came up with his stories.  He did say that a lot of them were his own fears.. like he had  bad dreams and them he just elaborated on them.  That's some dream!

He wrote a short story novel... like it had several short stories in one book.  One was the boogyman.  I never read this book, but my younger brother did.  We were at a cabin in Canada... alone and isolated int he woods on an island that you can only get to by boat or plane.  Good place to be reading that book, right?  Kid was completely freaked out and wanted to tell me about it.  NO THANKS!  I'm good.  But I still got the gist of it.  Yikes!

Publisher: Doubleday Night Shift Stephen King
Publisher: Doubleday
Night Shift Stephen King

Anyway, to someone who has managed to freak me out pretty much the better part of my life, happy 71st birthday, Mr. King.  I would still love to have dinner with you and chat about your crazy thoughts.  It would be intriguing.

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