We certainly appreciate all of you that listen to the Loon at work every day. We realize a great many people really don't like their job and would rather be anywhere else. But ya gotta pay the bills,right? So, we are there with you to help you get through another day working for the man. Taking you back 24/7 to when music didn't suck. Maybe we'll make you smile or even laugh out loud. Perhaps we'll let you know something of interest going on in town. One thing is for sure, we will constantly remind you just how great the music was and maybe spark a memory or two to get you through the day. And,we just won't hang out at work with you. We'd also be happy hang out while you get ready to for work, while you shower, eat breakfast, hell, we'll even ride back and forth to work with you. We only play the very best classic rock on 103-7 the Loon.Thanks again from all of us at the Loon, we truly appreciate you!

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