I just hear a whole lot of floppin' going on. Boise, Idaho is once again holding the Sneak to the Peak 4.6K nude race.  It's happening September 8th at the Bare Mountain Resort. and, yes, it's a nude race.

"It's the most challenging nude race in the country" according to race organizer, Jay Johnson. Jay says he's been trying to get the word out about his great resort and figured, what better way than to have a nude race?

Last year there were 40 nude runners and this year they have opened up the field to 80 racers.


Runners are allowed to wear as much or little as they wish and last year only two of the runners wore clothing. The organizers encourage runners to "get in the spirit of the race".

If you are interested, it's $25 for members and $35 for guests. The fee includes a race sarong, a arbo-load dinner before the race, lunch after the race.

I really think "Flop to the Top" would be a better name for this race. Don't forget your sunscreen.


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