This is a very unfortunate situation. A Wisconsin resident was conned out of nearly ten-thousand dollars recently, all thanks to a phone scam that is all too common in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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The Stoughton, Wisconsin Police Department detailed the scary situation on Facebook a few days ago, stating that a resident lost eight-thousand dollars in the phone scam, with the scammer posing as an employee of the U.S. Border Patrol.

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This clearly caused fear within the person who was the victim of the scam. The scammer took it one step further, telling the victim that their name was on a package containing narcotics that was 'intercepted' while en route.

To add fuel to the fire, the scammer kept the story going for awhile, with police saying that the victim was kept on the phone 'for a considerable amount of time' listening to the ruse. The scammer scared the victim so much, they were able to convince them to buy thousands in Bitcoin, which was then transferred to the scammer.

While this isn't specified, it is likely that the scammer told the person on the other end of the line that if they sent the money, they wouldn't be charged or jailed for the supposed package containing drugs.

Phone scams like these are all too common. However, with scammers becoming more advanced and scammers using more advanced technology with each passing day, it is becoming easier to fall for stories like this.

Ultimately, the resident lost just short of ten-thousand dollars. It is important to remember that no legitimate organization will ask you to pay a fine in an odd way, like via gift card, Bitcoin or any other type of crypto currency. It is unlikely they got their money back since scammers vanish without a trace after getting what they want.

This is not the first instance of something like this happening either. Years back, a different Wisconsin resident lost tens of thousands of dollars after they were conned in a similar scam. While getting a call from a law enforcement agency may seem scary, take a deep breath and think of the situation at hand.

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Why would U.S. Border Patrol have a package with your name on it? Why would you need to pay in Bitcoin? All of these things may make sense at the time but if you ever get a questionable call, hang up and do some research. Once the scare wears off, it's likely you will see the scam for what it is.

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