Crystal Lake- the one near Burnsville.  The one that is a very popular lake for diving, has an interesting item at the bottom of the lake.  Someone has actually placed a statue of Jason Voorhees there.  Dressed in full Jason attire complete with machete.

How much would that freak you out if you were swimming around and found this?!

Keep in mind that you are under water, maybe have a breathing apparatus, maybe not.  But this one might make you lose your breath way sooner than you had originally planned.

I may just drown if I found this.  So this is really a public service announcement.  Summer is coming, and there is a chance you may take a trip to this lake and go swimming... or diving.  And this is at the bottom...somewhere.  He's chained to the bottom too.  So now he's all full of algae and other fun things that live in the water.

My God.  No way!!!  I'm freaked out just seeing the video!!!  No thank you.

*hahaha hee hee hee* (said very breathlessly).

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