Thank God this little tactic isn't here in the states.  I'd be shamed all over the place!  So would a lot of others as I see people, myself included, running across the street at any time/place.  I know you are supposed to use the crosswalk... always.  But that just doesn't happen.  How many times have you... or someone you've seen just head across 5th Ave or any of the other streets... mostly by SCSU.  And there are little to no consequence.

Well, if this were a place in China, you would have a much different outcome.  And a big embarrassment!

So, not only will you get sprayed with water... and have to deal with wetness in some awkward areas, but there's facial recognition.  So your face gets plastered for everyone to see!  That person jaywalked!

Apparently this must be a major problem in China.  Otherwise it seems like quite a excessive punishment.  There are talks about carrying it across the pond to our area.

Please, no.  Yikes!

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