Let's be clear, Alice Cooper isn't playing Jesus. I'm not sure this LIVE stuff on NBC that they are doing every year is a great idea. Sound of Music, Grease, and whatever else they have done, always seems to be sort of a train wreck.  But with that said, it does seem to be getting better each time they do one of these live shows on TV.

This time it's Jesus Christ Superstar.  Has a really good cast too.  Singer John Legend is playing Jesus.  Alice Cooper is playing King Herod, and Singer Sara Bareilles will play Mary Magdalene.

This will be shown on NBC on Easter Sunday.  Just a couple of weeks away.  I guess this is taking the place of the 10 Commandments with Charlton Heston.  That used to be shown every single year.  I'm ok to see that go, since it was made in like what.. 1956??  Might be time to move on from that to something a bit more modern.

Modern. That is exactly what this is.  To be honest, I have never seen this play.  I do know that for awhile Sebastian Bach from Skid Row was playing Jesus.  If you are unfamiliar with this show, as I am, it's takes place the 10 days or so before Jesus died.  But it's set to more modern music with modern slang.

April 1st.  April Fools day and also Easter Sunday.  We can check it out together.

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