It's been debated for awhile now. Is GIF pronounced with a hard G or a soft G?  People have been using animated GIFs to communicate on the internet for some time now and the question still is debated.

Is it pronounced like GIFT, without the T? Or is it a soft G like JIF, the peanut butter.

JIF peanut butter has finally thrown in their 2 cents with a clever marketing ploy.  JIF has started selling 2 versions of their peanut butter. One of their jars have their normal "JIF" label with the message "soft G pronunciation" and the newly introduced label sports the "GIF" label, along with the message "hard G pronunciation".


So, evidently, JIF thinks the animated GIF should be pronounced like Gift, without the T.

Amazon was advertising the GIF jars of peanut butter for $10, two and a half times the normal jar price.but are now sold out.

On a side note, the inventor of the Animated GIF says, although the G stands for graphic, GIF is supposed to be pronounced with a soft G. He should know, right?

Laura, my morning show partner will weigh in on this and, as usual, she will be wrong.

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