I can't say that there hasn't been a time or two where I look across the table and wonder about my morning show partner... Baxter... yes, speaking about that guy!

baxter pic 6

Ok, I might be kidding, but how weird is that statistic?  This is from a study done by Dr Kevin Dutton who is a psychologist.   Now, the comforting thing is that it's not the TOP job for psychopaths.  That "honor" goes to a CEO of any company.  Well then.  That's a warm thought for anyone's boss.  Great.  But journalist comes in at number 2.  I'm not a journalist either, but the next one... yes, coming in at the third highest profession to attract psychopaths is "media presenter".  Yep, that's radio!  It's also anyone in the TV field as well.


That's not cool!  Guess what else in on the list... CLERGY!  My goodness!  Is ANYONE safe anymore?  It's like any profession where you deal with the public, or giving any sort of public speaking.  You're all suspect.

I wanna change professions.  Not because of me... but because of my potential crazy co-workers... *looks around nervously*.  

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