John Parr an English musician and if the name doesn't ring a bell maybe his song, 'St. Elmos' Fire" will that song was also the title track of the movie with the same name.

When John was 12 he formed his first band , The Silence and to give you an idea of his ability as a musician that band was pretty successful enough to gigs all over Europe.

Eventually joined the group The Ponder, they never got offered a recording contract so dis-banded.

John wrote songs for Meatloaf which led to meeting tour manager John Wolff (The Who) and pretty much had a career that started to shine.

John later fromed The Business and they opened for Toto in the mid 80's.

"Naughty Naughty" was John's first U.S.hit record, hitting No. 23 in the Top 40 and No. 1 on the Mainstream Rock chart.