I'm certainly not in the minority when I say that Johnny Carson was the King of Late Night Talk Shows.There were none better before him and none better after he left TV.

Carson had a way of making his guests the star. As a performer, especially a comedian, your star shot way up after appearing on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. If Johnny was really impressed, he would call you over to the couch and that was a great honor for any performer. He launched the careers of so many people that later became household names.


I got hooked on his Tonight Show as a young teen. My friends used to give me a bad time because I'd head home every night to catch the show. I'd ride my bike in the Summer down to a local laundromat to get a can of Coke out of the machine and then go right back home to tune in Johnny for 90 minutes of great entertainment.

I think I actually cried a bit watching his last show 27 years ago today. In my book, there will never be anyone like him again. Enjoy this tribute to Johnny shown soon after his passing.

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