Each Friday Johnny U comes in and delivers a lame joke... lame joke Friday.  See how that works?  And each week they are terrible, which a couple of exceptions here and there.  And usually, if we are laughing, it's because John is laughing so hard at his own joke, that it seems funnier.  Even though the joke it's self is still sort of mildly funny at best.

Turns out, this is actually science.  Sit coms have been doing this for years.  They use a laugh track to make things seem funnier.  And crazy enough, it works.

In the study, 40 groan worthy 'dad jokes' were given a baseline humour rating of between one (not funny) and seven (hilarious). A professional comedian then recorded each of the jokes, and two versions were created adding short canned (or posed) laughter and short spontaneous (or real) laughter.

It's kind of like when you are telling someone a story and you think it's super funny.  And while you are telling the story and laughing uncontrollably, have you noticed that the people you are talking to start laughing, and they don't even know the whole story yet?  It's because you are laughing.

See, it's true.. laughter is contagious.