This would be such a great thing to win. Free snow removal for the entire Winter.


Ehlinger Lawn Care and Snow removal will come to your St Cloud area residence and clear your driveway every time it snows more than an inch or more. Now, wouldn't that be nice?

Wednesday the 31st, we will pick a winner from all the entries on our Loon website. It's easy to get registered, so do it today.

Just go to and click on Get Plowed and resister.  It's that easy. Much easier than shoveling your driveway all Winter.

This Wednesday morning we could be picking your name and giving you that call that will erase all snow removal worries from your mind for the entire Winter.

When the snow flies, you'll be glad you took the time to register. Just think of all the other things you could do instead of clearing your driveway every time it snows.

So, get yourself entered and keep your fingers and maybe even your eyes crossed until this Wednesday morning.

Thanks to Ehlinger Lawn Service and Snow removal.

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