If you go camping just so you can be a loud and obnoxious a-hole, then do everyone else a favor and don't bother camping at all.

How do you measure an outdoorsy state versus a non-outdoorsy state? You can measure it by how it's citizens deal with the outdoors, how people handle themselves in nature with activities like hunting, camping, fishing, boating, and hiking.

I enjoy camping. I like being outside and enjoying nature. You can do it almost anywhere and especially places that cars can't go. It's relaxing, and it can get you away from technology for a while (or at least it should).

For others, camping is a way to get together with a group of people and party their butts off. Plus, it's cheaper than getting a hotel room, and there are not many authority figures to shut it down. If that's your form of camping, that's fine for some places, just be conscientious of what campsites you do that at.

Music festivals like Moondance, WeFest, etc. are meant for that type of stuff. Much smaller campsites with quiet times at 10 pm are not.

I know the type of people that I am addressing this to are probably not reading this anyway. I can hope that there is someone who will read it and will bring it up some night when they notice that those people they're with are really loud and obnoxious. Maybe they will tell them that no one, outside of their little inner circle, wants to hear their super loud stories at 2 am.

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