SAUK RAPIDS -- Keeping roughly 20,000 people in line each day at the Benton County Fair can be a challenge, but it's a task the Sheriff's Office is up for.

Every year the Benton County Sheriff's Office is in charge of patrolling the fairgrounds make sure everyone is having a good time and keeping the peace.

Sheriff Troy Heck says they work closely with the Agricultural Society to make sure the fair has plenty of police presence.

"We have a patrol captain that works hard to put together a schedule to coordinate the deputies we have down here. We also rely on our partners with the Sauk Rapids Police Department to help make sure we have enough people to keep fair goers safe."


Heck says any given night they have about 8-12 officers, as well as reserve officers, roaming the fairgrounds all hours of the day.

He says a majority of the time there isn't many issues, but there are situations where they need to step in.

"Some of it can be people who have too much to drink, you also see tempers flare, people get upset with each other and there will be some fights."


Heck says the Agricultural Society pays for the security, which is budgeted into the Sheriff's Office yearly budget.

He adds if you have an issue during your time at the fair, don't be afraid to talk to an officer and they will do what they can to help the situation.

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