Cereal, of all things.  I remember when Honey Smacks used to be called Super Sugar Crisp, then they changed the name to Sugar Smacks, then because of the issue with sugary cereals and trying to sound a bit more healthy, the name was changed to Honey Smacks.  Now, there may be a whole different name entirely.. salmonella cereal.


Yes, it's Honey Smacks that have been affected.  This is a favorite cereal of my husband.  I never really liked them, but he did and does.  In fact, we have some of those in our pantry right now.  Almost gone, and nothing has happened, so I think that we have avoided the plague.  But if you have some, especially if you just bought them recently, you probably will want to throw them away.  Either that, or send them back to the company until this has blown over.

First it's all the romaine lettuce, which I love, and now it's cereal.  Two things I certainly wouldn't think would give you food poisoning. So, have pancakes, eggs or get General Mills cereals.

Happy Weekend!

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