We have all been to those wedding receptions where kids do things that they shouldn't.  I've been to some where a child has accidentally stepped on the brides train...even the groom has done that in some instances.  We've seen kids drop presents, food dishes, break a glass, plate or some other valuable thing.  But how about this....

This wedding reception happened to be held in a location that had some precious artwork displayed.  A 5 year old child goes up to a statue and looks like he's trying to hug it, or pull it down, or whatever the case was.. the statue fell off it's podium and crashed to the floor.  Luckily the child seemed to be okay.  The fate of the statue- not so much.

Now the parents were there, but distracted.  Obviously they wouldn't want their child doing that, as much for his own safety... and the cost of the statue bouncing back to them.  But it broke, the kid did it, and now the parents are on the hook.


Here's the thing.  they were thinking the cost would be a lot less than it was.  When they found out it was $132K they were like 'nope, we're done here'.  Granted... I would want to see some sort of appraisal regarding that statue.  But wow!  Why wouldn't you have that thing enclosed or something?  Who has $132K lying around?

The debate goes on... I guess we'll find out the outcome later.

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