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The 64,000 dollar question is will King Crimson one of the greats to come out of the U.K. will reappear from the shadows since going on hiatus in 2009?One of the greats when it comes to progressive rock and co-founder of the band King Crimson (1968), Robert Fripp stated recently in DGM Live interview,  "All the Crims have expressed great excitement at the return to Go! mode. Given the considerable commitments of all members, it will take a year before Crimson is able to perform."

King Crimson1, YouTube


Robert thinking specifically cited September 2014 as a strong possibility. I am totally stoked about this news!



King Crimson featuring the members, Robert Fripp, Mel Collins, Jakko Jakszyk, Tony Levin and  Gavin Harrison. performing, "A Scarcity of Miracles":

Relive King Crimson with this classic, "21st Century Schizoid Man":