A Minnesota author has penned a year-by-year look at the history of the Minnesota Vikings called Kings of the North.

Author Chad Israelson says that the Minnesota Vikings actually have a strong history despite being known more for the many heartbreaks associated with the team.

"In my opinion, they have a great franchise history," Israelson said. "The Vikings are the seventh-most winning team in the Super Bowl era. While they haven't won the ultimate prize, when you start looking at the book and seeing the number of Hall of Famers... anyone should look at this franchise and say it's really one of the great franchises in the NFL."

The book, which features brilliant, full-color photos from throughout the team's history, begins with the origin story of the team and goes all the way through the 2020 season.

Each two-page spread tells the tale of a particular season, gives the results of each game and features a graphic with the starting players on both sides of the football. In between the season-by-season breakdowns are special features on special games or individual players from that era.

"I had to go back and learn about the teams from the 60's that I didn't see," Israelson said. "If you grow up a Vikings fan you grow up with this sense of being connected to... unfortunate endings.

"So I wanted to give a clear picture of Vikings history, maybe what people's parents and grandparents told them about being out at the Met, or at the Metrodome and I tried to make something that appeals to fans of all ages," Israelson said.

Kings of the North is available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.


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