Guest columnist and friend of The LOON's for over 20 years, Pamela Muldoon took in the Motley Crue/KISS show at The Minnesota State Fair. Pam is a social media & content marketing strategist by day and a rock ‘n roll goddess by night (She even has her own Fender guitar to prove it!).  She also has a love for radio and is the host of her own podcast, Content Marketing 360. Here's Pam's account of the KISS  part of the show.


I’m a child of the ‘70’s and ‘80s, so KISS music is part of my generation’s soundtrack.  A fond memory I have is of my friend, Sheila, bringing her 8-track player on the school bus so we could jam to Rock ‘n Roll All Nite and sing along to Beth.  Attending a KISS concert has been on my bucket list and though only two of the original four members are in the current lineup, they did not disappoint with their set.

KISS is all about good ‘ole fashioned rock ‘n roll with a blend of theatrics that no other band has been able to match.  From the start, as Gene and Paul enter the stage amidst fire and smoke I know I’m in for classic KISS; just what I wanted!  They gave us all their tricks; fire-works spouting guitar, pyrotechnics, Paul riding on a cable over the crowd, Gene’s blood-dripping, tongue-curling God of Thunder… I loved every minute of it!  Their ability to maneuver with energy and grace in those monster platform boots is nothing less than incredible, especially when you remember that both Gene Simmons (63) and Paul Stanley (60) could be AARP card members.

From kicking it off with Detroit Rock City, to Tommy Thayer’s excellent vocal on Shock Me, these guys kept up the pace for the whole set.  Kudos to Thayer who had some big platforms to fill in original band member, Ace Frehley.  Tommy holds his own and provided some of the best guitar licks of the night.  As much as I respect Motley Crue for their decision to leave it all on the stage during the show and not do an encore, I personally love the energy and expectation that an encore brings to the end of a great show.  Amidst confetti and smoke, KISS delivered with Rock ‘n Roll All Nite, leaving the audience on a high that would take us out of the grandstand feeling like we just had the time of our lives.

Next up…Journey/Pat Benatar/Loverboy Saturday night in the Grandstand.  I’ll be there, ready to rock again!

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